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Automated planning & AI driven forecasting tool for logistics & e-fulfillment

Work data driven, create happier employees, reduce costs and become more scalable

smaplr is a workforce optimization software solution that offers a complete end-to-end solution from offering an accurate forecast, to generating the optimal planning and implementing this directly into your WFM. Without human intervention.


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How we're changing the planning game

Why we can enhance any WFM system

Maximum automatization

Where most WFM systems sáy they offer forecasting and auto planning, most of the time it still involves a lot of manual actions. Our solution offers an AI driven forecast, resulting in the optimal planning that you can directly implement into your WFM. 100% automized.


Maximum accuracy

Other forecasting solutions are quite generic. In practice, these models are far from accurate because within each industry, each company has their own processes and ways of working. We take time to really understand each individual customer and company-specific domain knowledge, which allows us to develop models that are 100% compatible with that company.


Maximum customization

Since every company is unique, so is the forecasting and planning process. That’s why our tool allows you to add a variety of your own constraints. Think, for example of deviating schedules in even and uneven weeks, age-dependent working hours or shifts where a ratio of junior / senior employees is required. You decide which constraints you take into account.


Maximum flexibility

Our solution is WFM independent and can be used alongside or on top of any WFM with a technical interface (API). This means that you can simply keep and improve your current WFM without purchasing a completely new package.


Don't just take it from us

"Our partnership with Data Monqs ensures super sharp forecasts based on AI, calculating available capacity and ultimately automatic scheduling of employees. It's smart planning at its best!"

Wouter LemckertManaging Director Tamigo

"We're super impressed with the short lines of communication with SMAPLR and their flexibility."

Clem ScheffelaarOperations Manager Active Ants

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